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My Publishing Values

From Hugh Howey: Value listing is one of the more important thought exercises I’ve discovered over the years. I was introduced to this by a friend, and my first attempt was to list my top 10 overall values in the world. This sounds easy enough, but you have to do it in order. So what … Read more

Focus on Short Fiction

From Writer Unboxed: There are many bad reasons to focus on short fiction and one really good one…and both present their own problems. Stick with me as I show you how to adapt your writing to short fiction OR expand your short stories into novels. Bad Reasons to Write Short Stories Short stories are great … Read more

“Stone Dreams” by Akram Aylisli

From Words without Borders: The condition of the patient just delivered to the trauma department of one of the major Baku hospitals was very serious. They took the patient, who was lying unconscious on the gurney, along the very middle of the half-lit hospital corridor that stretched the length of the whole floor to the … Read more

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