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Amazon’s Curious Case of the $2,630.52 Used Paperback

From The New York Times: Many booksellers on Amazon strive to sell their wares as cheaply as possible. That, after all, is usually how you make a sale in a competitive marketplace. Other merchants favor a counterintuitive approach: Mark the price up to the moon. “Zowie,” the romance author Deborah Macgillivray wrote on Twitter last […]

Flexing Export Muscle Ahead of Brexit: The UK’s Publishers Association Releases Its 2017 ‘Yearbook’

From Publishing Perspectives: Pushing its position in book exports ahead of the March Brexit deadline, the UK’s Publishers Association’s annual “Yearbook” report for 2017—released today (July 19)—is touting an 8-percent rise in exports in that year to £3.4 billion (US$4.4 billion). Exports, according to the report, accounted in 2017 for 60 percent of the British book industry’s […]

On Amazon, Fake Products Plague Smaller Brands

From The Wall Street Journal: Amazon.com Inc. has made it easy for small brands to sell their products to large numbers of customers, but that has also enabled some counterfeiters to cut into their business. Sassa Akervall gets much of the sales for the SISU-brand mouthguards that her family invented from Amazon. The Michigan-based entrepreneur said fake […]

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