English Capitalization Rules

From The Grammarly Blog: English capitalization rules require that certain words, like proper nouns and the first word in a sentence, start with a capital letter. Although that seems simple, some words are capitalized only in certain situations, and some words seem like they should be capitalized but are not—how can you tell which is … Read more

The Birth of a Book

From Writing Cooperative: This past year I’ve had the pleasure of helping more than one friend celebrate a very special birthday. Their book-birthday. Each was such an exciting day for every one of those authors, marking the end point (or, perhaps not really…there’s all the marketing, book signings, promotion etc. still to come) of a … Read more

Understanding Permission

GUEST POST from Geoffrey A. Moore Permission is one of the most powerful concepts in strategic marketing, but it is an easy one to misinterpret if you are not careful. Here’s a few things you need to know: 1. Permission is anchored in the idea of what …

Carbon Emission Labels on Books

From Publishing Perspectives: Speaking at the Global Sustainable Development Congress in Thuwal, Elsevier‘s global director of sustainability, Rachel Martin, has told an international audience that within five years, it’s likely that all mainstream printed books will display labels on their front and/or back covers, specifying their “environmental credentials.” “This will not only give consumers more … Read more

AI Is About to Turn Book Publishing Upside-Down

From Publisher’s Weekly: The latest generation of AI is a game changer. Not incremental change—something gentle, something gradual: this AI changes everything, fast. Scary fast. I believe that every function in trade book publishing today can be automated with the help of generative AI. And, if this is true, then the trade book publishing industry … Read more

Be Human – People Will Notice

GUEST POST from Mike Shipulski Speak up. Your ideas can’t see daylight unless others know about them. Be wrong. When you’re wrong, you sharpen the rightness. Be right. When you’re right in the face of wrongness, everyone wins, except for you. Stand tal…