And don’t start sentences with a conjunction.

PG posted an item yesterday titled, “Coordinating vs. Subordinating Conjunctions,” which triggered some comments that he appreciated, including one that included, “English punctuation is a mess.” So he hunted a bit to find some excellent quotes about conjunctions for inclusion in today’s crop of blog posts. His favorite conjunction quote is this one, which, as … Read more

He has willed – He wills incessantly

He has willed – He wills incessantly – that the modifications of the mind and those of the body shall be reciprocal. This is the conjunction and the natural dependence of the two parts of which we are constituted.
Nicolas Malebranche

Merriam-Webster’s word of the year is ‘gaslighting’

From CNN: Merriam-Webster’s word of the year – and this you can believe – is “gaslighting.” The online dictionary chose “gaslighting,” which it defines as “the act or practice of grossly misleading someone especially for one’s own advantage,” as its top word of 2022 because it has become the “favored word for the perception of … Read more

Freedom to Read Advocates Warn of Proposed ‘Book Rating’ Bill in Texas, Rising Book Bans in Missouri

From Publisher’s Weekly: Freedom to Read advocates are voicing concern over a new bill in the Texas state legislature, that, if passed, would require publishers to create an “age appropriate” rating system for books sold to Texas school libraries. But most worrisome, critics say, the bill as written would not only force publishers to develop a … Read more

Female Fear Is a Rational Response to Violence

From Electric Lit: In her debut collection, Under My Bed and Other Essays, Jody Keisner meticulously unpacks her fears, revealing their complex interiors. Her subject matter is diverse, ranging from 1980s horror films to parenting to adoption to wildfires to reincarnation to autoimmune disease to murder. She weaves research throughout her personal stories, which has … Read more

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