Our Fear of China is Overblown

GUEST POST from Greg Satell The rise of China over the last 40 years has been one of history’s great economic miracles. According to the World Bank, since it began opening up its economy in 1979, China’s GDP has grown from a paltry $178 billion to a ma…

Five Challenges All Teams Face

GUEST POST from David Burkus Teams face a lot of different challenges. Leading a team involves leading through many challenges. You’re given performance objectives. You map out a plan of execution with your team. But pretty quickly, you will run into c…

The State of Diversity in the Publishing Industry

From Book Riot: “I often look up lists made by users on Goodreads, [and] DiverseBooks.org has a resource page with links to various sites or LGBTQ Reads by Dahlia Adler. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s hard to naturally find such books, as they are often published by smaller publishers with not enough advertising resources. That’s why it’s … Read more

The Sensitive Question of Sensitivity Readers

From Publisher’s Weekly: Under book publishing’s trending best practices, historical authenticity can be secondary to appeasing people’s sensitivities. I’m qualified to say this based on my recent experience as a literary agent on behalf of a client. The events in question began happily: my client received a Big Five contract for a book about his … Read more

Can Literary Scholars Transcend Their Training?

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: Every semester, thousands of American literary scholars concoct new interpretations of works of literature and new arguments about literary studies itself. They assume, pretend, hope, or dream that their words carry the revolutionary force of radical policy reform. They believe that literary studies done right — like defunding the … Read more

Major leak reveals revolutionary new version of Microsoft Bing powered by ChatGPT-4 AI

From Windows Central: It looks like Microsoft is gearing up to launch a major new version of Bing that integrates OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 technology in a way that will revolutionize searching the web. Multiple users have reported seemingly stumbling across a preview version of the new Bing earlier today before Microsoft quickly shut it down. Luckily, a user by the … Read more

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