How Virtual Reality Could Help You Fall In Love

From Fast Company: In 2015, The New York Times caused quite a stir by publishing “The 36 Questions That Lead To Love,” based on work by the psychologist Arthur Aron. The main idea was that people would have to be incredibly vulnerable to ask and answer such questions—and doing so could quickly build intimacy. “The most interesting […]

Where Crime Fiction Meets the Talmud

From Electric Lit: Tod Goldberg, the writer — the one who told me in my first quarter of his MFA program to stop being intimidated by everyone because, “we’re all just people who sit around in our underwear, late at night, typing” — is introspective and deeply concerned with the welfare of people. Goldberg writes his observant vulnerability into […]

Audible launches Canadian dedicated service

From ITWorld Canada: Audible is launching its first Canadian dedicated service, marking the first time the Amazon subsidiary is launching a bilingual website. is live as of today, Sept. 13, offering 300,000 audiobooks and other audio content, including 100 new titles from Canadian authors in English and French. What differentiates it from its U.S. counterpart,, is […]

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