The end of the general trade publishing concept

From veteran publishing consultant Mike Shatzkin: My brilliant friend Joe Esposito has written a piece to explain why Penguin Random House would want to acquire Simon & Schuster. I have also been thinking about why PRH, or any of the other three of the “Big Five”, would want to acquire S&S. In fact, two of … Read more

Tecumseh and the Prophet

From The Wall Street Journal: In 1808, on the Wabash River—just downstream from where the Tippecanoe River flows into it—a new settlement was being built, in what is now northwestern Indiana. You could hear trees being cut down to construct houses and a 5,000-square-foot meeting house. Women were planting corn, beans and pumpkins. Founded by … Read more

Maximizing Your Amazon Author Central Page

From IndieReader: When was the last time you gave your Amazon Author Central profile some love? For most indie authors, the answer is “not recently.” And, if you haven’t set it up yet, you aren’t alone, but you’ll want to take the time to do it today. Your Author Central page is possibly Amazon’s best … Read more

The Most Popular Horror Reads Of The Past Year

From HuffPost: It’s the spookiest season of all — when we’re all on the lookout for full moons, things that go bump in the night, tricks and treats. You might be ready to take a trip to the dark side right about now — whether that means taking out your tasteful Halloween home decor, finding … Read more

HarperNorth in Manchester

From Publishing Perspectives: Editor’s note: In recent years, a strong pushback against the London-centric structure of publishing and other creative industries has gathered energy in the United Kingdom. That dynamic is, in part, behind the creation of HarperCollins UK’s new HarperNorth division in Manchester–a development that has found itself arriving in a most challenging year … Read more

‘Rebecca’ Debuts on Netflix This Week. The Book Is Even More Tantalizing.

From The Wall Street Journal: IF YOU’VE NEVER read Daphne du Maurier’s “Rebecca,” you’re in for a surprise. Initially dismissed by critics as women’s romance fiction, this 1938 bestseller delivers plot twists, promiscuity, dark secrets and, best of all, backstabbing servants. But it’s since been celebrated by feminist scholars for its critique of gender roles. On … Read more

Filippo Buonanni’s Harmonic Cabinet

PG says he hasn’t created a category for Piffle on TPV, but perhaps it’s time to do so. Or, in the alternative, provide a content warning something like: PG has come down with another case of temporary insanity. There’s a lot of that going around, often associated with the Trump/Biden presidential campaigns. The following may … Read more

8 Epic Journeys in Literature

From Electric Lit: The journey story, where the hero must venture out into the world for reasons not necessarily entirely of his/her own devising, is likely as old as recorded literature. Of course the journey story can also be understood as an allegory of the self, or soul, and its evolution in a lifetime, for … Read more

August Bookstore Sales Dropped 30.7%

From Publishers Weekly: Bookstore sales tumbled 30.7% in August compared to one year ago, according to preliminary estimates released by the U.S. Census Bureau. Sales fell to $754 million compared to $1.09 billion in August 2019. The steep August drop put an end to a brief rally during which the rate of decline in bookstore … Read more

C:\ Thinking in an http: World

From Publishing Perspectives: The “Battle for Attention”—part of the title of Bookwire‘s conference report from Frankfurter Buchmesse—became a lot more vivid for many professionals participating in the digital evocation of the trade show last week. That’s because the enormous fair, which draws more than 250,000 people annually in its physical setting at Messe Frankfurt, was, … Read more

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