A PFEP for the PFEP

Most well-established manufacturing companies would agree a plan for every part (PFEP) is fundamental to their improvement efforts. The organization captures and manages a significant amount of data to ensure the characteristics of all materials required for their processes have a clear purpose, place, path, and plan for movement or storage. Teams often go to extraordinary lengths to evaluate details of these materials, including safety requirements, packaging dimensions, frequency of delivery, container types, weight, etc., to ensure flow is optimized and abnormal conditions are highly visible.

But what is often lacking for long-term sustainment is not found in the design of a spreadsheet or perfect database of material part information. Success is really based on the team member's behaviors and decisions. In other words, people use PFEP methods and tools to make work relevant, simple, and impactful. When your PFEP isn’t delivering the desired results, the discussion should shift to evaluating your Plan for Every Person

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